Simone Conte: is the bicycle the way to happiness?

Simone Conte is a new graduate in Economics, Environment, Culture and Territory who joins Team Scatol8, on the occasion of the BWC 2018 TORINO. Adds a passion for sustainable mobility and, in particular, for the bicycle to a solid academic preparation: two factors that qualify him perfectly for joining our team! Simone, how did you get interested in the theme of sustainable ...

Simone Conte: la bicicletta dà la felicità?

Ciclabili Torino
Il Dott. Simone Conte è un nuovo laureato in Economia, Ambiente, Cultura e Territorio che entra nel Team Scatol8, in occasione del BWC 2018 TORINO. Aggiunge ad una solida preparazione accademica una passione per la mobilità sostenibile e, in particolare, per la bicicletta: due fattori che lo qualificano perfettamente per entrare nel nostro  Team! Simone, come ti sei appassio...

Cristian D'Affuso: a professional commitment to the sustainability of events

Cristian D'Affuso is a recent master’s graduate in Enviroment Economics at the University of Turin and is part of the Research Team coordinated by prof. Riccardo Beltramo. Cristian has carried out a research thesis on the sustainable management of events. Cristian, how did you come to think about sustainability in events and make it the subject for your master's degree thesi...

Cristian D’Affuso, un impegno professionale per la sostenibilità degli eventi

Cristian D’Affuso è un neolaureato in Economia dell’Ambiente, della Cultura e del Territorio all’Università di Torino e fa parte del Team di Ricerca coordinato da Riccardo Beltramo. Cristian ha effettuato una tesi di ricerca sulla gestione sostenibile degli eventi. Cristian, come sei arrivato a pensare alla sostenibilità negli eventi e a farne l'argomento per la tua tesi di ...

Latest news! Baril8 continues its path towards sustainable viticulture

While the Scatol8 team is testing the network for #Turin_ BWC2018, a good news reaches our operative site, in Moncucco Torinese (AT): Lo Scatol8 per la Sostenibilità srl has passed the first phase of the call for proposal launched on December 2016 from Regione Piemonte, within EU framework for rural development programmes! “We have had the chance to introduce you to Baril8, ...

The Scatol8® Team is working on the Brompton World Championship 2018 sensor network

People working in the scatol8® lab is now building the sensor network that will be installed in the Valentino park during the Brompton World Championship 2018! Paolo Cantore, Research fellow at the Managment Departement (Univeristy of Turin), works on environmental and managerial monitoring with sensors since 2010. Among others, he woked on the tourism sustainability subject, i...