Latest news! Baril8 continues its path towards sustainable viticulture

While the Scatol8 team is testing the network for #Turin_ BWC2018, a good news reaches our operative site, in Moncucco Torinese (AT): Lo Scatol8 per la Sostenibilità srl has passed the first phase of the call for proposal launched on December 2016 from Regione Piemonte, within EU framework for rural development programmes!


“We have had the chance to introduce you to Baril8, the short name we have chosen, in Scatol8 style” says Riccardo Beltramo. “Our proposal full title is: Baril8: System for the introduction of innovative models of circular agriculture, for traced, territorial and sustainable quality production”.


Annalisa Romani, partner of Scatol8 srl adds: “The proposal adopts a Life Cycle perspective for the wine supply chain: from vineyards to distilleries, aiming at the valorization of products and by-products, also considering new valorization opportunities in cosmetics, nutraceutical and energy recovery. The purpose of Life cycle perspective is to prioritize actions that can reduce environmental impacts upstream and downstream of supply chain; it helps to identify, evaluate and interpret environmental aspects and it is useful to search for a social, economic and environmental optimum. We are grateful to Regione Piemonte, that has successfully evaluated our proposal. Thanks to reviewers’ report, we have the opportunity to improve and deepen it.”

From now and until July 27th Scatol8’s Team is engaged in:
the organization of meetings with stakeholders to gain hints, able to drive and customize the final project, in key of co-design, in view of the second phase challenge;
the design of the detailed project, in collaboration with our partners, namely Cantina Cooperativa Terre dei Santi e Fratelli Savio di Castelnuovo Don Bosco, Cà Mariuccia di Albugnano, Malino Felice di Buttigliera d’Asti e la Distilleria Beccaris di Costigliole d’Asti; as stakeholders Associazione Gente e Paesi O.N.L.U.S. e l’Associazione Produttori Bottega del Grignolino D’Asti di Portacomaro.

The list of the events will be published on this site, they will be held in the area of Castelnuovo Don Bosco, and the collaboration of active associations of our territory will be welcome.


Riccardo Beltramo explains the reasons for the localization of Scatol8 srl in Carossano: “We have chosen Cascina Carossano as operative site in consideration of its symbolic value. Here, from 1854 to 1877 hundreds of abandoned or poor children had the opportunity to learn a job, in the field of agriculture, often applying innovative techniques. The Agricultural Colony of Carozzano (now called Carossano), conceived and founded in 1853 by Don Giovanni Cocchi, was the first organization of this kind in Italy, in whose construction he gathered experiences grown in France, Switzerland, Belgium and Germany. This is the place where Scatol8’s team meets. Ideas flow freely along brain storming sessions, creativity at the top; then, they become sketches and prototypes, through systemic design methodologies.


Carossano is located in Val Vergnano, in the municipality of Moncucco Torinese, an area that a friend, the sociologist Prof.Dario Rei, calls “Monferrato of border”. Though formally belonging to Asti, it is strongly polarized by Torino, it is an area of lovely landscapes, most of them shaped by agriculture. The application of IoT to economic organizations is the core business of Lo Scatol8 per la Sostenibilità srl and here we can easily test our networks designed for agriculture.


Sometimes we think that you have to be a bit borderline to decide to locate your activity here, on the border. We are in the heart of the digital divide: electrons run slowly, roads compete with those of Rome, if we consider potholes and maintenance; hilly territories with small municipalities have faced a drammatic depopulation, but here you notice the importance of daily maintenance, also in human relations, the cure of the land, the cure of the spirit. Where everything seems to be slow, creativity runs fast.””

Stay tuned, the program of the events will appear soon after BWC2018 Torino.