Turin, BWC2018: economic implications of the event

Stefano Duglio is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management (University of Torino) and member of the Riccardo Beltramo’s Research Team. Since 2001, Stefano studies the application of sustainability in the tourism industry. Stefano, so what does that mean sustainability in tourism? Great question! I don’t think a Thesis dissertation can fully answered your query…. ...
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Scatol8 srl runs for 2018 Brompton World Championship Torino

The Brompton is a folding bicycle, an indispensable means for the commuters and for those who want to move easily in the city, with an eye to air quality. To put it bluntly, the Brompton is not a simple folding bike, it is an icon of sustainable mobility, invented and produced in London, starting in 1975. Every year, a world championship takes place, a succession of events in ...
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